Busting Out Of Your Creative Rut

Designer David Sherwin shares his 10-step process for busting through designer’s block, which he calls a “Stop Trying Ritual.”

  1. Notice you’re being too critical of your design on the screen
  2. Move away from your computer and find a nice quiet space
  3. Take our your notebook and draw the first thing you remember this morning after the alarm went off
  4. Write five words that your drawing reminds you about
  5. Draw a fancy chart highlighting the relationships between those five words
  6. Pour yourself the last dregs of coffee and take a slow sip
  7. Focus on your breath
  8. Take the book nearest to you, go to page 34, and copy down the 3rd
    sentence in the second paragraph next to (or within) the chart
  9. Go back to the computer, print the most recent version of your design, and place your sketchbook next to it
  10. Take at least one element from your notebook and place it into your design

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