Call For Entries: Good Design

Designer and writer Christopher Simmons is working on a new book for HOW and he’s looking for projects to feature:

We’re looking for the best examples of design work that engages and
addresses critical causes. This can include paid or pro bono work for
non-profits, political causes, social justice, the arts, education as
well as self-initiated projects that support the greater good.

Work can be in any medium — posters, logos, brochures, campaigns, naming/branding, etc.

For more information on the range of work we’re looking for, download the Questionnaire/Permission Form above, or check out the Book section.

There’s no cost to submit work, and you can submit as many pieces as you want. Just fill out this simple form and send them in.

Deadline for consideration is August 1, 2009.

Posted by Megan

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