Carmichael Lynch: Bikes for a Cause

Supporting an international charity and a project that brings art and biking together and encouraging employees to get some fresh air—Carmichael Lynch knows how to motivate their employees on a Thursday. As part of a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief, the Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch acquired limited-edition ARTCRANK Shop Bikes that were “hand-built at the local Minneapolis bike shop, Handsome Cycles” for employees to use.

Carmichael Lynch

Shop Bikes at Carmichael Lynch

ARTCRANK, which originated in Minneapolis in 2007, is a traveling show that draws attention to local artists by tapping them to create bicycle-inspired posters. These posters are then sold to the community at a reasonable price, giving the artists exposure and creating a buzz.

Bike Matador

Bike Matador

As part of their Minneapolis show, ARTCRANK teamed up with Handsome Cycles to create the red Shop Bike. For each of these single-speed bikes that are sold, ARTCRANK Shop Bike donates a “mechanic’s tool kit to those communities to maintain their bicycles” to communities in Africa, as part of the World Bicycle Relief. Carmichael Lynch, supporters of local arts and biking community, couldn’t resist the chance to support so many good causes.

And the Carmichael Collective, an ongoing project in which they explore creative projects for the love of creativity, sent a bike matador to the streets to, well, just have fun with bikers. The matador and ARTCRANK are a fun reminder that pursuing other passions can encourage art and creativity.

"Safety First" poster created by Carmichael Lynch for ARTCRANK’s 2013 Opening Night Party

“Safety First” poster created by Carmichael Lynch for ARTCRANK’s 2013 Opening Night Party








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