Catching Up with a Creative Freelancer

If you were at the HOW Design Conference in Denver last year, you probably remember the name Lauren Hybinette—or at least you remember the girl that got a shout-out from opening keynote speaker Andy Stefanovich. Lauren was attending the Creative Freelancer Conference and had a career epiphany right then and there, and Andy gave her a public pat on the back from the stage. As Lauren tells it in her recent interview with CFC co-founder Ilise Benun:

My plan was to go to the full conference, but my company refused. Then I got an email from HOW talking about the CFC the same day that my company told me no. I decided right then and there that I was going to sign up, because I wanted a change, I wanted a kickstart to my design career. I went to the CFC and realized, I could do this, I should do this. At the end of the conference, I wrote on a postcard that in 6 months I would be out on my own. And then the day that the full conference wrapped up, I was laid off from my job.

Lauren launched fully into a freelance gig, focusing on the outdoor sports industry, a passion of hers. In the full interview with Ilise, she talks about learning the discipline to work from home (as opposed to, you know, laundry), fighting the loneliness of being a solopreneur (pets help), setting boundaries and staying connected. Ilise comments: “Because each of us is working in such an isolated way it’s so important to come together both online and especially offline with people who are struggling with the same things.”

Learn more about the Creative Freelancer Conference and see what convinced Lauren that she could—and should—make the freelance leap. And if you’ve already taken that step, learn how to thrive with real-world advice from the Creative Freelancer Blog.

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  1. Lauren Hybinette

    I can’t stress enough how important the CFC and the HOW conference was to me. It ignited something inside of me. If you are on the fence or wondering is this for me, go for it. I can’t wait for Chicago! I just purchased my Big Ticket!!