“Capturing the Mountains” with Fragrance Line Redesign

Redesigning a brand that focuses on “Capturing the Mountains” is not a small feat. That tagline alone conjures up images of Paul Bunyan or some other American folktale legend taking on a new challenge or a person, who is far more athletic than me, breathing in both fresh air and accomplishment at the top of a peak. The California-based Chen Design Associates (CDA) stepped up to tackle the project of creating a new look for Juniper Ridge‘s fragrance line, casting the entire product line into a look and feel that appropriately matches the product’s natural origins.

Juniper Ridge's fragrances

Juniper Ridge’s fragrances

CDA explains their approach to redesigning Juniper Ridge’s “Mountain in a Bottle” fragrances:

The comprehensive new look and feel CDA has created for Juniper Ridge walks a delicate balance between humble and organic, sophisticated and timeless. Miniature brown glass bottles give more the sense of an elixir made with whiskey stills and copper pipes rather than a perfumery. Retro rounded bottles evoke the nostalgia of camping as a kid. Refined typography with customized red-stamping denote a one-of-a-kind harvesting locale and season.

Juniper Ridge's cologne bottle

Juniper Ridge’s cologne bottle

Juniper Ridge’s fragrances are made from plants and not artificially, which was an important component to CDA’s work. The typography, bottles and labels all embrace this idea. Even the clever product names, such as “cabin spray” and “campfire incense,” evoke the organic, timeless feeling CDA aimed for with the redesign.


The soap and spray with the “elixir” look

Juniper Ridge’s website explains more about their products and lets you view the three regions where they harvest their scents – Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Desert Southwest. I love campfires and the idea that, even if I’m indoors, I can have a little bit of the open air surrounding me.


As the Juniper Ridge product lines shows, a color scheme is important to product (and all) design. And if you’ve been scheming with color, you’ll want to make sure you get your Pantone products by April 30th as all Pantone orders will be shipped for free in the U.S., including the Pantone Plus Series Essential, which includes a bunch of freebies.

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