Celebrate Spring With Earthy Design Gifts

Most years, it seems like Spring takes her good old time arriving. She teases us with the occasional 70-degrees-and-sunny Saturday afternoon in March, but these brief sojourns leave something to be desired, especially when followed by a prolonged (and unwelcome) visit from Winter. In the end, however, Spring’s gentle—albeit fashionably late—arrival invariably rescues us from Winter’s dark, bitter temperament, further proving she is worth the wait. But even if Spring hasn’t graced your city with her presence just yet (it’s been pretty hit or miss here in Cincinnati), MIXT Studio’s Earthy Peaces are reason enough to celebrate the season.

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Earthy Peaces include everything from growth charts to Oodles Collection Gift Band. According to studio founder Marcie Carson, each eco-friendly pick boasts “a love of the outdoors that infuses everything we produce.” So if you crave a nature-inspired bag for toting an umbrella in anticipation of April showers or require a gift wrap set for sending a “Hooray it’s Spring!” gift, MIXT Studios has you covered.

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If you love these playful gifts, you must see Jessica Walsh‘s talk about the importance of play in design at HOW Design Live on June 24th. Sign up today!