Celebrating Great Client Quotes

If you just got some negative/weird/incomprehensible client feedback, take a break and check out Sharp Suits, a collection of posters designed by Irish creatives to vent their frustrations and raise money for charity. If nothing else, these little gems of design humor will give you a laugh. Who knew poster design could be so cathartic?

Ireland’s creative community got together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness through the medium of the A3 poster, all in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more took time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.

The work was exhibited by the kind folks at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery. The exhibition ran from November
2nd – 7th, with A3 prints of all entries selling for only €10 apiece, with all proceeds going to Temple Street.

design humor

design humor

design humor

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Toy ConfidentialToy Confidential by Aled Lewis

You’ll Love This Book If:
• You love toys! (or humor, or awesome design)
• You grew up in the 80’s, although all generations can appreciate this
• You need a break from all the serious stuff

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Great Client Quotes

  1. Gunnar Swanson

    As much as I understand frustration with individual clients, dismissing people as “suits” and celebrating the idea that clients are, as a class, stupid and we designers are not is repugnant and destructive.

    If you have ever wondered why your clients don’t trust you to have their interests at heart and instead think that you are a snotty art school grad who has to be watched carefully, this is the answer.