Changing The Corporate Attitude Toward In-House Designers

Live DesignCast
Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 at 3:00 PM ET

From Order-Taker to Business Partner, Live DesignCast: Changing the Corporate Attitude Toward In-House Designers with Bob Calvano

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“I’ll take two posters, a brochure and some fries.” In-house teams often get treated like transactional creatives who are proficient at banging out mundane tasks. The juicy, high-profile work goes out to agencies while the in-house team aspires to get those projects one day. Well, a heck of a lot has to change to make that actually happen. If you want the work that goes to the agency, then you need to position your team like an agency, make a transformation, and shift everyone’s mindset in the company—the design team included. Bob Calvano will share his first-hand experience on the evolution of a creative team. He will share the steps he is taking to position his in-house team as a strategic partner, as well as some of his tactics to change the mindset within the organization.

Ideal Audience:

* in-house managers
* in-house designers who have decision-making responsibility for their team, no matter the size of the department

About the Presenter:
Bob Calvano has been providing thought leadership and design solutions for more than 20 years. With a mind that never stops thinking about the creative process, he is always open to exploring new mediums and possibilities. Calvano is currently the Director of Merck’s Global Creative Studios, a full-service in-house agency, and provides creative leadership and business solutions on a global scale. The award-winning team’s portfolio includes environmental, interactive and print design, as well as video production, photography, illustration, webcasting, web development and finger painting, if necessary.