Cleveland’s AIR Program Supports Artists with Affordable Housing

Like many industrial cities, the City of Cleveland has been undergoing a bit of cultural revitalization. And a new program is paving the way for other revitalization projects across the country. The Artists in Residence Program (AIR) project puts artists into affordable, permanent housing in Cleveland, adding more momentum to the art scene and helping artists pursue their passion.


From August 1-4, AIR will host a “Welcome to Cleveland” event for artists all over the country. The North Shore Collinwood homes are located near art festivals and other art-related events and are available for as low as $6,500.

AIR also offers discounts on local storefronts and assists the participants with finding grants and loans to maintain their home. AIR is organized by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture and Northeast Shores Development Corporation. Brian Friedman, executive director NSDC explains AIR:

North Shore Collinwood is the perfect opportunity for artists who do this as a full-time career. With a thriving arts scene and affordable living, it’s perfect for those who commute back and forth throughout the year to cut costs and increase their business exposure.


We’ll have to see if this housing program catches on in other cities.


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