Artists Interpret “Power” and How it Relates to Politics

Designers, animators and artists of all types were commissioned by CNN Digital to interpret the theme of power through their craft and how it relates to politics and the election season. Power and its link to the subject matter is shown through less obvious facets, such as how one’s self contributes to the cycle. The results are thought-provoking, astounding and range from a self-generated tornado, by photographer Dorothy O’Connor, to an animation called “The Era of Great Cynicism and Selfishness,” by School of Visual Arts recent grad Joe Hollier.

This is not the first time that CNN has looked to artists to capture a moment in time. In 2011, a digital art gallery was created in a similar fashion to mark the 10-years that had passed since 9/11.  “Artists provide unique insight and provoke thought, conversation and community in a critical way and are especially vital during such important times for our country and our world,” according to an article on about the “Power” digital art gallery.

View “Power,” a CNN Digital Art Gallery.

Photographer Dorothy O’Connor’s “Tornado” speaks largely toward the role of voters in how the political climate is created. “In the image, the tornado, which is an incredibly destructive force, is being both created, and ostensibly controlled, by the woman in the picture. Looking at it in a political context, the image could be equated to our government and the electoral process,” says O’Connor.

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