Coffee Installation

Good morning. This giant edible installation for Nescafe gold was created by THERE, an Australian design agency.

“The team at THERE made 7,320 cups of coffee using 17kg of coffee, 350 litres of milk, 1480 litres of water all in order to create a 50sqm Coffee installation for the launch of Nescafe Gold. The new range has 100% Arabica Bean coffee,” tells a rep from the agency.

0 thoughts on “Coffee Installation

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  2. dirgis

    Too bad, this idea has already been done by someone else. Guess it was Stefan Sagmeister, though can’t tell for sure. However it was for some Adobe (Photoshop) Contest.

    Anyway I like the idea.

  3. Geoff Hadley

    Great idea and I love all kinds of art and creation. I saw a guy here in Nottingham City Center do something similar but in chalk. Would be great advertising actuall to find one of these pavement artist and have him create an whole theme on the topic of Coffee. Food for thought!

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