Color Inspiration: Kodak Colorama

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color inspiration

This vintage photograph was once installed as a 60-foot-long image in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal as an advertisement for Kodak. Today, it can be seen as part of an exhibit at the New York Transit Museum Gallery. I’m not sure the highly saturated colors ever really existed in the world, but they do make for a vibrant palette. (You can download this color palette as an Adobe .ase file.)

color inspiration

The spectacular 60-foot-long Kodak Colorama images that were displayed in Grand Central Terminal in New York from 1950 to 1990 can now be seen, again, near their original location. Sadly, they are not full-size recreations of the giant transparencies but prints of some of the images from the 1960s, on exhibit at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex through Nov. 1.

They do still remind us of Kodak’s America: an idealized world of comfortable suburbanites and rural Americans enjoying holidays, vacations and everyday life while using cameras and color film.

Today, it is difficult to imagine many people having the lives that the advertisements depicted. This is not so much because America has changed since the ’60s, but rather because the country shown in the Coloramas never really existed.

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