Color Inspiration: Orla Kiely

method and Orla Kiely have teamed up again to offer a line of soaps this spring that are just as pretty as they are effective. Last year, these bottles sold out fast, so keep your eyes peeled this time around.

Orla Kiely

Spring is right around the corner and, along with milder weather, we have great patterns and delicious color palettes to look forward to. No one captures the essence of spring like Orla Kiely. Find even more color inspiration at The Dieline. (You can download the color palette as an Adobe .ase file.)

color palette

It’s always fun choosing prints that work with the fragrances. Sometimes some of the prints are a more literal match, like our “oval spot” print that is used for tomato vine, whereas cloudburst was more about the color scheme, using sky blue with pops of color. Our “multi flower spot” print lent itself perfectly to the honeysuckle fragrance, reminding us of those beautiful summer bunches of honeysuckle blossom. And white nectarine teamed up brilliantly with one of our newer prints called “wallflower spot,” which to us looks like nectarines growing on a tree.

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