Color Inspiration: Recycled Bench

This colorful bench is an example of radical recycling, putting together a vintage truck tail gate, license plates and some wood. You can read the story about its fabrication here.

color palette inspiration

On a cold and rainy day, this bright bench in the sunshine reminds me that summer is not so far away. The color palette would be perfect for a striped beach towel or a backyard party invitation. (You can download the color palette as an Adobe .ase file.)

color palette inspiration

A little story about the tailgate. This Pickup belong to my Dads friend, he bought it brand new in 1972, (the year I was born). I don’t know how many years he had it before my Dad bought it from him and it became a “FarmTruck”. When I got my license and graduated Dad gave it to me, but needless to say I never even tried to drive it! Years later I still end up with it after Dad gave it to my Husband. It still runs and we haul wood and stuff in it, the Pickup just sports a “new” brown tailgate.

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