Color Inspiration: Strange Structures

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color inspiration

These bizarre structures rising out of the ocean’s depths aren’t part of a movie set. They’re real sea forts built off the coast of England during WWII. The contrast between the rusty colored buildings and the clear blue sea makes for a serene color palette (even though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these structures in a nightmare). (You can download this color palette as an Adobe .ase file.)

color inspiration

Sea forts were strategic bases usually built on small islands or shallows that lies at a significant distance from the shore. A sea fort was exactly as the name indicates – a giant fort with stone walls and housing cannons to fend off intruders. Today, the sea forts are mostly deserted, but some of them have been renovated and converted into tourist attractions.

The seven towers of Red Sands were placed approximately six miles off Minster, Isle of Sheppey in the Thames Estuary, over the period July 23rd to September 3rd 1943. The forts were designed to house various gun installations to combat the twin threats of enemy aircraft and E-boats (fast warships).

The forts were not a popular posting and were abandoned wholesale by the military at the end of the war after which ownership became a matter of opinion as they were generally considered to be situated in international waters and not subject to any particular mainland jurisdiction.

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