Color Inspiration: Under The Sea

color palette

This soothing ocean scene is actually a still from a video showing tiny sea slugs eating a blue button alive, though it doesn’t seem like the tiny bits are doing it too much harm. The color palette is slightly futuristic and much calmer than the reality of the scene would suggest.
(You can download this color palette as an Adobe .ase file.)

color palette

From Boing Boing:

Yesterday, I posted a photo of Glaucus atlanticus — a strange little creature, related to mollusks, which floats through the ocean and eats (among other things) the jellyfish-like Portuguese Man-Of-War.

In response, marine biologist Christopher Mah sent over this video, in which two specimens of Glaucilla marginata — a smaller relative of Glaucus atlanticus — nibble on the still-living flesh of a colonial organism called a blue button. This proves to be cuter than it sounds.

Part of what makes the video so mesmerizing is watching the Glaucilla marginata move around. These creatures travel in a very laid-back way. Inflating a gas bubble in their stomachs, they float around on their backs, wherever the waves will take them. That bubble seems to lead to some endearing, baby-sloth-like flips and turns as they try to position themselves to take bites out of the blue button. OM NOM NOM.

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