Color Logic: Robert Allen’s New Color Tool

Even if you’re not an interior designer, you’ll want to play with the new ColorLogicTM tool launched by the Robert Allen Design Group. As designers of fine fabrics for interior spaces for 75 years, Robert Allen aimed to create a tool that would scan their extensive catalog of fabrics, trims and colors to produce results that were “spot on” and maintained “perfect tonal coordination.”

Robert Allen Color Search toolTheir new ColorLogicTM tool does just that. It allows you to choose a color palette by selecting up to 5 colors, and, based on your selections, the color tool will provide you with a large selection of Robert Allen’s fabrics and trims that are in your color palette.

What sold me is that you can upload a photo. Let’s say you have a  specific image that you’re using as color inspiration, such as the noble peacock on the left there, you can upload your image, and the color search tool will scan it and suggest a color palette. Now, that is neat.

Robert Allen Design Group CEO Philip H. Kowalczyk explains their approach:

At Robert Allen,our design focus is always color, and our business focus is always serving our designer clientele. The Color Search tool will increase the ability of the designer to get to the specific colors they are looking for. It shows them that not only do we have an unparalleled range of color, but we have the color and pattern they want.

The ColorLogicTM tool is great for those looking for Robert Allen fabrics or those who want to get some inspiration from searching their extensive collections.


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