Color Unleashed

Neenah Paper unveiled its Think Ink: Color Unleashed microsite today, giving designers the ability to build color palettes that inspire design and paper choices.  

“We were overwhelmed with the positive response to our Think Ink iPhone apps, but understand not everyone has the same smartphones or access to the newest technologies.  With the site, users get all the benefits of the Think Ink smartphone app along with expanded features that give them incredibly creative capabilities right on their desktop,” explains Tom Wright, director of design for Neenah Paper.  “Designers, printers and even end-users will find the site not only captivating and intuitive to use, but a real workhorse tool that puts powerful design and color theory tools to work in their personal workspace.”

Posted by Megan

0 thoughts on “Color Unleashed

  1. jonah

    some interesting interface elements,

    but has been around for a few years now. besides having all the cool tools, it’s a community of people that love and discuss color. so people share their colors, palettes, and patterns. it’s a pretty great project that is totally community based and came up grass-roots-style.

    also, for the developer-minded, they have an API, so you can write apps in flash or javascript or whatever to call upon all that great data. tons of artistic possibility. i built a website creation tool that utilizes it to help people select colors that match with their choices based not on color theory, but on the creations of designers who love sharing their color ideas.

    that’s all:) enjoy