Conference Goodness

How to start recapping everything that went on yesterday??? The Creative Freelancer Conference continued with a full day of information that left folks’ heads jam-packed. It was a day of hard-core business info, but the speakers all managed to boil things down to the essentials. Financial guru Galia Gichon offered up a list of everyday tasks that creative freelancers can do to get a handle on their money, then suggested simply tackling one thing at a time. Likewise, Cybergrrl Aliza Sherman ran through a host of social media marketing tools, but gave the skeptics and newbies permission to start small, with just one or two tools.

Meanwhile, over at the Colorado Convention Center, HOW Conference studio tours, workshops, the Stock Photo Expo and more were going on.

Last evening, everyone came together for an inspiring and frenetic presentation by Andy Stefanovich that gave the ASL translators a run for their money. (Where does that guy get the energy?)

An awesome day.

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