Cool Designer Dad

Lunchtime for Rob Kimmel’s son is the start of a creative adventure. Aside from the chicken nuggets and apple, the young boy finds a sticky note pinned to the inside of his lunch box (and has since kindergarten).

On that paper from his dad is a half-completed drawing and a half-written story. It’s up to him to finish it how he sees fit. The fun really starts when Kimmel picks up his son from school, and the stories unfold, revealing the plight of the sumo rat, secret potions and pirate antics. Kimmel started tracking the fun on WanderMonster.

Image copyright: Rob Kimmel, 2010. Follow @Wandermonster on twitter.

0 thoughts on “Cool Designer Dad

  1. Nina Richards

    I agree with Gilda. What an awesome way to get/stay connected with your kid(s) and have fun…and I’m all for fun and communicating with kids. We’ve done the stories where you start with a sentence and then everyone adds another one…great for long road trips. Kids these days are way too disconnected from the adults in their worlds and seem more connected to technology. Along that line, this concept could be turned into a video game…but would loose the charm and purpose of the original version, so I would stick with paper and pencil myself.