Covering the HOW Conference

Lots of folks are helping us get the word out about the HOW Conference, including some friends who will be broadcasting live (online) from Denver. Interestingly, word on the street has it that The Hollywood Reporter is sending a writer to cover the event, though we don’t expect a Lindsay Lohan sighting or anything.

Tune in to The Reflex Blue Show, where Nate Voss and Donovan Beery are hosting interviews with a couple of HOW Conference speakers; last week’s Episode 3 featured Von Glitschka and Justin Ahrens. Nate and Donovan are booking other HOW Conference speakers like Debbie Millman and Russell Brown for interviews they’ll record in Denver.

And over on her Talk Story online show, Jeni Herberger has had several previews with HOW and In-HOWse Conference presenters (and yours truly). I’ll be joining Jeni in Denver for a live show along with Steve Gordon and Jeff Fisher (a shout-out to Neenah Paper for sponsoring). Come and sit in if you’d like.

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