BRZoom’s Spirits and Craft Beer Label Designs

After a few beers, you are likely feeling good enough to share your life story with the fellow imbibers at the bar. But creating a spirits or craft beer label designs that tells a story of its own? That’s an entirely different matter.

Two Roads Brewing craft beer labels

Two Roads Brewing Company wanted its craft beer labels to tell the story of “the road less traveled.”

Louisiana-based design and marketing agency BRZoom (Bochanis Rogan Zoom LLC), however, felt up to the challenge when it began working with Two Roads Brewing Company, Bayou Rum and Humboldt Brewing Company. The emphasis for each label and packaging design was to engage the consumer with a compelling tale. Design director David Worrell discusses the project by saying:

We recognized early on that effective craft package design had to tell a story about the brand and its origins. Doing so sets the brand apart from the competition. Understanding this simple thought dramatically changed the way we approached our packaging design assignments. We aren’t just designers anymore; we’ve become visual storytellers.

For Two Roads Brewing Company, BRZoom’s label tempted consumers to “take the road less traveled.” The design promoted this message with illustrations of crossed arms pointing in different directions. Because taking the road less traveled is a mantra the brewery’s owners—Brad Hittle, Clement Pellani, Phil Markowski, and Peter Doering—tout in their business and everyday lives, the design truly speaks to their vision. And as Hittle notes, the labels “really stand out on a cluttered shelf.”

Bayou Rum labels

Bayou Rum labels encourage consumers to “live life to the fullest.”

With Louisiana Spirits’ Bayou Rum, the label’s story centered on the mantra “live life to the fullest.” This sentiment is also “a tribute to the unwavering spirit that runs through the region’s bayous and the veins of its residents.” When taking everything into consideration, the alligator graphic was the perfect way to connect the rum to the region’s rich history. Louisiana Spirits co-founder Trey Litel was thrilled with the packaging, saying:

We just launched Bayou Rum and have received amazing response to our packaging. Just look at our bottles; there’s no mistaking that it’s infused with the spirit of Louisiana.

The labels for Humboldt Brewing Company are set to launch in fall 2013. Because this product is a Cailfornia craft beer, BRZoom is taking a different approach. The brand’s storytelling elements will promote each beverage as a “unique beer for liberated spirits.” This tale is a spin on the region’s values of “preservation, independence and activism.”


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