Creative Cookbook

So, say you’re a designer who’s interested in picking up more logo-design work, but you don’t have any previous experience to show potential clients in your portfolio. Or you’re looking for self-directed (read: client-less) projects that let you explore different creative disciplines.

Forgive our immodesty for thinking this is kinda cool, but … a new HOW book has landed in MyDesignShop, and it’s pretty much exactly what you need: the Graphic Design Exercise Book.

Authors Jessica Glaser and Carolyn Knight present a series of challenging design briefs—shown recipe-style—that let you play around in creative ways and also learn new skills. Want to try your hand at packaging design, and have a nifty portfolio piece to show your clients? Yep, there’s a brief for that. Ditto logos, publications, music graphics, etc. Cool, huh?

Check it out at MyDesignShop or your favorite bookseller.