The Best Creative Criticism from People Who Don’t Design

Everyone’s a critic. And if you’re slogging your way through a career where interacting with clients is part of the job, you’ve likely encountered some creative criticism that was, well, less than constructive. In fact, some people who have zero graphic design expertise LOVE to critique everything from your logo designs to typographic choices.

But since giving your client the finger isn’t really an option—this isn’t “Mad Men,” after all—it’s best to explore other ways to let off some steam. Enter Sharp Suits’ “A Creative Catharsis,” an art exhibition that has culminated in the most awesome web gallery ever. In “A Creative Catharsis,” Ireland’s creative community (designers, illustrators, animators, etc.) have taken their best worst feedback from clients and created a series of posters.

The result is a graphically stylized middle finger like you’ve never seen before. One designer actually turns the creative criticism into a visual middle finger. It’s fantastic. See below for my top five favorite posters, and check out the entire gallery to see other cringe-worthy examples of creative criticism.


Creative criticism poster 1


Creative criticism poster solutionise


Creative criticism target demographic


Creative criticism Photoshop


Creative criticism Microsoft Paint


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