Creative Freelancer Conference: Day 1

After Day 1 of the Creative Freelancer Conference, it’s hard to imagine how much more good info can fit into our brains. Co-host Ilise Benun kicked things off with a firm reminder for freelancers: you are running a business, not indulging a hobby … and you need to value yourself and your work accordingly.

The ever-energetic Dyana Valentine took the stage with a simple formula for creating your perfect pitch: your awesomeness + your prospect’s need + a desire to make the world a better place = your pitch. She led the group through a Mad Libs-like exercise to wordsmith their mission statement.

Then, veteran solopreneur Luke Mysse stepped up with some strong ideas about retaining the upper hand in client relationships. He dropped into the day’s conversation strategies like maintaining one day per week dedicated to working on your business (i.e., no client contact), establishing a minimum price for a client engagement and packaging different bundles of services at set rates. Luke challenged everyone in the room to remember why they set out as freelancers: for the freedom of it. Letting clients bully you, dictate your schedule or run your life isn’t so freeing.

More to come on today’s sessions …

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