Creative Group 2010 Salary Guide

I just got the 2010 Salary Guide from The Creative Group, which takes the form of desk calendar with a circus theme. Not only is it packed with industry info, it’s fun too look at, too. You can request a free copy here. Here’s an excerpt from the report:

  1. Adjusting compensation. Tighter budgets and a
    greater supply of candidates have resulted in reduced starting
    compensation for many creative, marketing and communications positions.
    According to our 2010 Salary Guide, starting salaries are projected to decrease by an average of 0.3 percent next year.
  2. Increasing social media investment.
    According to a survey of chief marketing officers, brand awareness and
    brand building emerged as the top use for social media marketing,
    surpassing responses such as acquiring new customers and introducing
    new products and services. Currently, marketers spend 3.5 percent of
    their budget on social media, but that number is expected to grow to
    6.1 percent over the next 12 months and 13.7 percent in the next five
    years. As such, professionals well-versed in social media tools will
    continue to be in demand.
  3. Using freelancers to fill gaps.
    Layoffs have become an unfortunate reality in organizations – from
    global firms to boutique agencies. As these businesses acquire new
    clients, they may lack the internal manpower to keep up with rising
    workloads, and will, in turn, increase the number of freelancers they
  4. Talent upgrades. Some companies are
    taking advantage of the larger pool of experienced candidates available
    and hiring to bring in a broader array of skill sets and expertise.
    This strategy leaves marketing departments and agencies better
    positioned for a time when business conditions improve.

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