Creative Stuff – Exercise your imagination

What is Creative Stuff?

  • Creative Stuff is inspiring and colorful.
  • Creative Stuff can be messy, witty and wonderful.
  • Creative Stuff is a tool that brings humor and fun to the creative process.
  • Creative Stuff is full of puzzles, games, activities and thought-starters.
  • Creative Stuff is a workbook for visual creatives, new from HOW Books.

Exercise your imagination through interactive games and challenges, sharpen your brainpower with puzzles and brain teasers, and find inspiration when you need it most! This workbook will jumpstart creativity and brainstorming for visual thinkers—you know who you are! Every page will stimulate the senses and get those creative juices flowing fast and furious.

(Pre-order your copy by March 1st, use promo code AMYFEB, and get Free U.S. standard shipping.)

Creative Exercises for Designers

Creative Exercises for Designers

Creative Exercises for Designers

Creative Exercises for Designers

For more resources about creativity exercises, visit My Design Shop.The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Jessica Glaser and Carolyn Knight
The Graphic Design Exercise Book provides a series of challenging design briefs that reignite a designer’s creativity while also imparting new skills. Whatever their age or experience, graphic designers like to be creatively challenged, and may also want to broaden their skill-base in order to break into new and lucrative areas of the design industry.

0 thoughts on “Creative Stuff – Exercise your imagination

  1. James Russell

    I run a full service design agency based in Leeds UK and found this article rather interesting.

    But I can’t help wondering how far you can push the limits of creativity in a business to business industry. Some people just don’t get it! And I suppose when everything is so sales focused in today’s environment, there aren’t many organisations out there willing to risk things.

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts – great blogging!