Custom Cards

Designer Emmanuel Jose has been making his own custom playing cards, each one is hand cut paper, unique and two-feet tall.

On a website built for nothing more than displaying his work, Jose says:

I’m Emmanuel, and I create paper cutting art.

In 2011, I made a deck of transformation playing cards, creating 1 card per week.

For 2012, I’m making a bird-themed deck.

The rest is devoted to pictures of his completed and in progress works and videos similar to the following:

The Two of Spades:
Week II 2011

Like paper cut art? Check out these other designers using paper:

    • Alyson Beaton is Chicago-based designer and maker of kids play things and books. She wanted to create an affordable eco-friendly, modern doll house and decided to launch it as a Kickstarter project. Check out her paper doll houses.
    • Cincinnati designer and beard-haver Chris Glass posted some great photos of the Charley Harper exhibit that just ended at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP school. “Charley Harper: A Bird’s Eye View” showed sketches, paintings and cut paper images created by the legendary artist, who lived in Cincinnati. View some of his work.

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