Debbie Millman Photographs Scher and Chwast Exhibit

The “Double Portrait: Paula Scher and Seymour Chwast, Graphic Designers” exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will come to a close on April 14th. “Double Portrait” features the talented, award winning couple’s work together – for the first time.

"Double Portrait," photograph by Debbie Millman

“Double Portrait.”  Photograph, Debbie Millman

Don’t panic! If you can’t make it to Philadelphia, Debbie Millman has come to the rescue. She recently visited the exhibition and provided some photographs of Scher and Chwast’s work to give you a taste of what you missed. (And to those of you who are able to check out “Double Portrait,” we can all be a little  jealous.)

double portrait 3

A sample of the different formats featured in “Double Format.” Photograph, Debbie Millman

The Philadelphia Museum of Art describes the exhibition as focusing on “Chwast’s deeply personal vision, inspired by sources as diverse as German Expressionist woodcuts, Victorian typography, children’s art, primitive art, folk art, and comic books,” as well as featuring Scher‘s “innovative reimagining of typography as a communicative medium” and “her work divided largely between the fields of graphic identity and environmental graphics.”

The exhibition includes images in a wide range of formats, too. Just look at these photographs, all taken by Debbie Millman, and tell me that you couldn’t get lost in “Double Portrait.” Let’s hope that another joint collection of Scher and Chwast’s work will pop up soon!

Millman -Philly MoA

Exterior of Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photograph, Debbie Millman


If you are planning a visit to the “Double Portrait” exhibition, it is located in the Collab Gallery on the first floor of the Perelman Building, which is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. And be sure to check out the rest of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as it is one of the largest museums in the United States.






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