Delusions of Brandeur? Consult the Glossary of Brand

glossary of brand by compass360

Toronto branding agency Compass360‘s tongue-in-cheek “guide for branding in a year with a 2 on the front of it” is hilarious—and the responsive website is gorgeous! The brand-focused portmanteaux might hit close to home:


A glaringly obvious overestimation of a brand’s importance in the world. Also referred to as Delusions of Brandeur.


A brand that waits for another brand to pave the way, only to steal its thunder by doing the exact same thing. See also: The cereal aisle.


A parent brand that forces its name upon its sub-brand children, however stupid they will sound. As illustrated by NestléNescaféNestea, and Nesquick.

archetypes in branding book

For more on branding, check out the new book Archetypes in Branding by Joshua C. Chen & Margaret Pott Hartwell.







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