Design Business Advice To Take To Heart

Creative business consultant Sean Low explains why shouldn’t panic about this latest economic crisis and why you shouldn’t start lowering your prices.

Art is a splurge.  Nobody needs what you do.  We can all live with Arial font, ceremonies at City Hall, Ikea furniture, cellphone pictures and template business cards.  Your clients hire you because they want something more; something only you, your art and your creative business can give them.  At all times, especially these, your mantra has to be about the value you provide relative to the vision and budget a client has, not about doing it for less.  You should never apologize for (or compromise) the value you deliver or its cost.  Yes, clients might choose to splurge less, but to assume they are no longer splurging is fools play.  A client’s splurge – be it a wedding, a new kitchen, beautiful photos, shiny stationary or an updated logo– is a reflection of their desire to make a statement about themselves.  This desire is not going anywhere and is intrinsic to our culture if not our nature.  Whether that desire costs $2 or $2 million to create is only a function of budget, not art.  In these unsettling times it is so easy to confuse the two.  Please do not.

0 thoughts on “Design Business Advice To Take To Heart

  1. Andrew

    Great article. I have read alot about how luxury good sales are going up during all the financial uncertainty.

    I think it may actually be a great time to assert oneself as a creative, it seems so many people are looking for quality opposed to inexpensive but utterly disposable items.