Design Business Bootcamp Part 2

Design-firm-owner-turned-business-coach Marcia Hoeck presents a 3-part DesignCast series to help you, as a creative business owner, get a firm grasp on the top three areas needed to get your business supporting you, instead of you supporting it — and they’re not what you think.

This HOW Learning Series is based on Marcia’s own successful 25-year design firm experience and her recent work coaching entrepreneurs, which has led her to believe in the power of laying a strong foundation of purpose, confidence, and value. We’ll examine the basics of plotting a course for your business based on a solid purpose, taking control of overwhelm and getting unstuck so you can project the right kind of client-attractive confidence, and being able to talk about what really makes you different and valuable to clients so they’ll choose you over the other guy.

Part 2: Cultivate Steady Confidence
Thursday, July 14, 2011, 4:00 PM ET

Nothing makes you feel better about your business or look better to clients than having the right kind of confidence. As highly creative people often do, you may have a disconnect when it comes to projecting the same degree of confidence about yourself as you do about your work. Clients see a definite connection between your confidence and your competence; the challenge is in showing confidence without turning them off with arrogance. We’ll talk about the things that drain your confidence, and then, how to shore it back up.