Design Inspiration with Cork

I’m just now getting into the spring time trend of redecorating. Which explains why I have a big “to do this month” list and why I’ve been looking at organization and decorating design ideas. In my quest for total organization and fancy walls, I came across the “Corkscapes” functional designs and products that I thought might act as a source of some design inspiration (or redecorating idea inspiration) for you.

"Modular Construct" design that can extend into different direction to fit the space

“Modular Construct” design that can extend into different direction to fit the space

"Birch Trees"

“Birch Trees”


There are many different designs on the Corkscapes website and all of the cork products are hand cut and recyclable. They also have coasters and larger wall pieces that you can use to create your own design with them.

And from cruising their website, I found out a few thinks about cork (and I appreciated the humor):

Not only is it one of the most earth friendly materials around, it also has magical qualities. We all know that cork is soft yet durable and self-healing. But did you know that it is fire-resistant? So if your house is on fire there is no need to save your corkscape because it will not burn. Think of your pets and children first! It is also anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic so you don’t have to worry about sneezing all over your beautiful wall. It even contains a substance called suberin that repels insects and fends off mites, germs, mold, and mildew.





Since these designs are made of cork,  you can physically pin things to the cork board. I enjoy functional products, and I want to pin little messages on the beaks of those birds. But that’s something like number 25 on this list, so it’ll have to wait.









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