Design Mystery: Do you know this company?


This company was started in 1837 by two brothers-in-law. Just prior to the Civil War, its sales reached $1 million.

Nearly 150 years later, its logo was rumored to depict sinister qualities, leading to a lawsuit for defamation and a complete redesign.

Do you know the name of the company? You can guess in the comment section below.

Check back later today for the answer.


You’re all so smart. Yes, it is Procter & Gamble!



1850 Procter & Gamble Logo

Multi-billion dollar company Procter & Gamble started more than 175 years ago when brothers-in-law William Procter, a candlemaker and James Gamble, a soapmaker, joined forces. Their first “brand” was a handwritten cross that was drawn on boxes of candles by dock workers as they came off the ships at various locations across the country.

In 1850, a more official logo was created depicting the man in the moon looking at 13 stars, not too surprising since candles dominated the company’s product line [think darkness]. According to P&G’s history, the stars represented the 13 original colonies.

1882 P & G logo

1882 P & G logo

Their focus on two products obviously worked well for the company, earning an extremely lucrative contract to supply soap and candles to the Union Army during the Civil War. That opportunity was far more beneficial than the monetary aspect of the contracts, P&G products were being sampled by hundreds of thousands of soldiers, building brand recognition.


1930 P&G Logo

P&G’s logo would go through several iterations, bringing more detail to the the moon’s face with his eyes turned outward in 1882.

The 1930 re-issue was even more intricate with the moon’s curly billowing hair. That change would bring about a sinister rumor of satanism a half century later and a lawsuit claiming defamation and fraud.

In 1995, P&G removed all hint of the solemn man on the moon and the 13 sparkling stars. From 1995 to 2013, P&G played it safe, using a logo with two simple letters.


This year, P&G added to the logo, surrounding it with a circle, then adding…a crescent shadow. Is it a moon?


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