Design News: Oct 22, 2010

Pantone this week announced the launch of its new CAPSURE device for capturing and matching color on the go. The tool can analyze and identify colors even in complex patterns and textured surfaces, so designers can select color for a print product based on an accurate color analysis of an object, textile or surface. CAPSURE is pre-loaded with all Pantone color libraries, so you can cross-match across different materials. For an additional cost, you can upload color swatches from popular paint manufacturers, making this a helpful tool for interior designers. The device retails for $649. For more information, see Jude Stewart’s review of CAPSURE on Imprint.

Last month, a new tool for web designers debuted: SlideDeck is a simple plugin (it’s also WordPress-friendly) that lets you create a slideshow on your site. Rotate your header images, create a demo or tour, create a slide show of RSS feeds, whatever you want. It’s fully supported, SEO-savvy and customizable. See for more info and examples like this one from the site for a TEDx event:

Transtock introduced a new collection of transportation-related HD video footage. announced a new business service for corporate customers to send and receive large files in a variety of formats. The company offers month-to-month payment plans for $45 per month.

Adobe announced the next iteration of Acrobat, its tool for reviewing, processing and delivering documents: Acrobat X Pro. The new version features new customization options, automated functions for multi-step tasks and an improved preflight tool.

Domtar released a new swatchbook to show the printability of its economical Cougar line, including a new 30% recycled option.

Wausau Paper‘s new “Expressive Color” promo shows how designers can create a layered look in their projects by printing colored ink on colored paper. The promo features Wausau’s Royal brand of writing, text and cover papers.