Design Revolutionary: Chip Kidd

I mean, really, Chip Kidd needs no introduction. Sure, there’s his remarkable portfolio of book jacket designs. He’s an author himself, of The Cheese Monkeys and The Learners. His work has been featured in mainstream media, design media and online media.

He’s one of the most memorable presenters in HOW Design Conference history. And he’s going to be back with us in Boston!

You know where this is going, right? A firm reminder that today is the LAST day to save on your HOW Design Live registration … really, we’re not going to extend the Early Bird deadline any more, so jump on it!

Chip graciously answered our HOW Questionnaire recently, just as he was about to take the stage for a fancy-schmancy celebrity-filled event.

  • What key characteristic most defines you?  Sneaky.
  • What’s your biggest fault?  Sneakiness.
  • What’s your favorite professional activity or task?  Design-gasms.
  • What’s your favorite leisure activity?  See above.
  • Where would you like to live?  Exactly where I do, Manhattan.
  • What’s your idea of happiness?  Sorry, not printable here.
  • What would you be if not a creative professional?  An un-creative professional.
  • What skill or talent would you most like to have?  Flying. No, wait, that’s too predictable. I know—seeing through clothes!
  • Who are your heroes?  Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama
  • Who’s your favorite musician?  Too many to name: Eno, Fauré, Rachmaninov, New Order, etc.
  • Who’s your favorite artist?  J.D. McClatchy
  • What person (living or dead) most inspires you?  See above.
  • What character in literature do you most identify with?  Immodestly, the narrator of my two novels, “The Cheese Monkeys” and “The Learners,” because it’s me.
  • What’s the most revolutionary thing you’ve ever done?  Not sure I’ve gotten there yet. Am trying.
  • What’s your single best piece of work or accomplishment?  Getting through my TED talk without having a heart attack.
  • What are the qualities of your favorite client?  Talent, smarts, and a recognition of the same in me. And great pecs.
  • What inspires your best work?  Someone else’s best work, usually an writer.
  • What do you need to have at hand in order to be fully creative?  Jergen’s lotion. Sorry.
  • What’s your favorite creative tool or instrument?  See above. Sorry.
  • What’s your favorite food?  Neapolitan pizza.
  • What’s your favorite drink?  Anything that makes me a little happier.
  • What’s your favorite typeface?  Piddy Ting.
  • What’s your favorite color?  Flesh.
  • What’s your current state of mind?  Nervous, I’m about to go onstage alongside Meryl Streep at Lincoln Center. Seriously.
  • What’s your motto?  “Always have a motto!!”

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Trust me: You won’t want to miss Chip Kidd at HOW Design Live—make plans to join us TODAY!

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