Design Workshop For Social Change

We all have the ability to inspire change. While some careers may seemed more poised to do so (the hardworking people behind non-profits), everyone has an opportunity to support, ignite or lead the charge to make the world around us better.

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As a creative professional, social entrepreneur or design student, you have a special opportunity to take the next step in becoming an advocate for social change. In The Design Ignites Change Social Impact Workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet, a country estate in Southwest France, you’ll spend a week learning how to go from doing service work for clients to building a business based on your desire to do good. From conception to execution, the workshop seeks to teach creative-types how to use their brilliance for change-making, start-up ventures.

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In addition to meeting and networking with designers, artists and architects from around the globe, attendees benefit from the guidance of:

Mark Randall, the mastermind behind Worldstudio, a strategy and communications firm focused on projects like executing a branding program for a company that sources teas from mom-and-pop farms and big plantations and sells them internationally,


Shana Dressler, the force behind Social Innovators Collective, an organization that seeks to nurture the next generation of changemakers, non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs through offline classes and workshops.

The application deadline is March 29th. For more information, including dates, cost and the downloadable application, visit and click on the Workshops tab.

If, as a full-time creative professional or budget-constrained student, the workshop is a commitment you cannot make, consider applying for the Design Ignites Change AIGA Professional Fellowship. This program helps those with an idea take the project from concept to completion with the help of a minimum $10,000 package, tailored to the needs of the specific idea, that includes “funding, and professional consultation and mentoring, to help Fellows implement their projects.” The deadline for this opportunity is June 7th. To learn more about eligibility and the application, visit the website.

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