Dig deeper with HOW Design Live Workshops

Pre-event workshops at the HOW Design Conference give designers the opportunity for in-depth training on all kinds of different topics, from logo design to typography to brainstorming. Be sure to schedule your travel to HOW Design Live so you can take advantage of a morning or afternoon 3-hour workshop on Friday, June 22—see the full workshop agenda here.

Recently, one of the scheduled HOW Conference workshops got a new title, to better reflect its content. I spoke with presenter Peleg Top to get a handle on what he’s planning for the session. Peleg has long advocated bringing a creative approach to running your business (not just to your design work), and that’s the foundation for his message. Here’s how Peleg described his design business workshop, From Passion to Profit, on Friday, June 22 from 9:00 a.m. to noon:

It’s a marketing workshop, but a different kind of marketing workshop. I come from a different angle, one that’s much more organic and creative. Most of us don’t create our own vision for marketing—we write a plan or copy what others are doing, like sending an e-newsletter. But it’s hard to sustain your marketing efforts when you’re not loving it.

I’ll help attendees create a marketing plan they can get excited about, one that’s based on who they are and what’s unique about them. We’ll talk about building a business effortlessly, about connecting to your passion and applying that to the business part of your business. We’ll break out of what you should be doing and create a plan that you want to do.

In addition to the From Passion to Profit design business workshop, here’s a peek at the rest of the day’s workshop lineup:

Morning Workshops—9:00 a.m. to noon

Make a World: Solving Design Challenges Through Games
Presenter: Sunni Brown
Learn to use techniques from gaming (and basic office supplies!) to tap into new creative territory, to facilitate brainstorming and problem-solving and to maximize your team’s creative output. You don’t have to be a game enthusiast to participate—just come ready to explore and learn.

Anatomy of a Logo: Creating Effective Designs Under a Looming Deadline
Presenter: Von Glitschka

Ever-popular presenter Von Glitschka will serve as the client, as he walks you through the process of creating a brand identity—in just 3 hours. You’ll learn to improve your creative process and use limitations to inspire ideas.

Effective Brainstorming for Designers

Presenter: David Sherwin
David Sherwin wrote the book—literally: Creative Workshop—on boosting your creativity under trying circumstances. This high-energy creative workshop will give you new approaches and techniques for solving design problems alone and with colleagues.

Afternoon Workshops—2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Change the Way You Think About Type
Presented by Dr. Shelley Gruendler

Think you know about type? Think again. Dr. Shelley Gruendler will explore the rules of type (and when to break them), and lead you through a hands-on project so you can experiment with type in new ways.

Brand Development

Presented by David Holston

Branding is the No. 1 business topic designers need to understand, and this is the training you didn’t get in design school. Learn from a brand guru about how to discover a brand’s vision, understand audience perceptions and better represent the brand through design.

Making Strategy a Valuable Part of Your Process

Presented by Rochelle Seltzer

Design without strategy is ineffective—so how do you identify the strategy behind any creative project? Rochelle Seltzer will walk you through the steps of defining a design strategy, and you’ll work in small groups to create the strategy for a fictional client project.

Learn more about the in-depth design, creativity and business workshops at HOW Design Live, and register for a session today.