“Design Your Own Business Card” Giveaway From Mohawk & Moo

UPDATE: The winners of the Mohawk/Moo giveaway are:

Doris C, Melissa Wehrman, Valerie, Aaron Taylor, Kristina, Scott Citron, Lawrence, Richard LaRue, Christine and Crystal.
We’ll email you about how to claim your prize!!


As part of a bold transformation plan that will propel Mohawk into the future, the company is introducing a new corporate logo design by Pentagram and offering HOW blog readers a chance to design their own premium business cards through Moo.

new Mohawk logo design

Michael Bierut, who leads the Mohawk brand team at Pentagram said, “The logo is a monogram for the name Mohawk. It’s based on the letter M, but it’s also constructed to evoke the papermaking process and the printing process, both of which involve paper going around cylinders,” he said.

The logo also speaks to the basic idea of connection, which is what Mohawk paper is designed for, “Whether it’s for a small book of photos featuring your niece and nephew or for a giant global corporation —it’s about communication,” said Bierut.

The logo and energetic color palette offer unlimited variation and surprise, “We wanted to project a company that was forward-looking, nimble, and ready for the future yet doing so from a strong base, built on the kind of authority that few of Mohawk’s competitors can claim these days … It speaks to a company that has been around for a long time and is still capable of changing the way it looks.”

The new Mohawk business cards have been designed with different logo color combinations on the backs and were printed by Moo.com on Moo Luxe, a unique 32 pt. card.  They’re unique because you can specify one of four “stripes” for the middle of the card: blue, red, black or white. Mohawk chose black.

new Mohawk logo design

new Mohawk Logo design

What color would you have chosen for the middle of the card? Tell us and you can win a chance to design your own business cards. Visit Mohawk’s new website at MohawkConnects.com and take a look at the photos here.

Come back here, and tell us what kind of card you’d design, and what color “stripe” you’d choose for the middle. Hint: it doesn’t have to be a business card. HOW will give away 10 sets of Moo Luxe Cards on Friday, April 20 at 3:00 pm (EST). Yep, you get to design your own set.

new Mohawk Logo design

80 thoughts on ““Design Your Own Business Card” Giveaway From Mohawk & Moo

  1. Leslie Horn

    I love all these colors and design. I would pick the color that would stand out the most to make it easy to find. I own a travel agency, so I would go with a beautiful ocean blue. I would love to win a set these business cards.

  2. Joe B

    If I was being selfish I would redo my business cards and have to go with black, unless they come out with an exciting orange! But I would probably end up going with blue for an fun upcoming event invite.

  3. Megan Acelar

    I would do 431 front/320 middle/white back. All colors are part of my overall color scheme for everything. The front and middle colors match my logo, the white allows me to still write on the back of my business card when I need to for clients.

  4. Jason Whittemore

    For the Mohawk card it makes perfect sense to choose black since that is the color you would get if you mixed all of the inks (at least in theory). So, I too, would choose black.

    I know a couple who are getting married and think a nicely executed typographic piece with a white middle on these cards would be absolutely gorgeous and unique – much like the couple themselves.

  5. M.S.

    I am in need of some new business cards, and these Luxe cards look great! My head is telling me a black stripe would go great with my current branding, but my heart says cyan… it may be time to update all of my self promotion pieces.

  6. Kathy

    I would choose red. Wish there were more color options. I immediately thought how cool it would be to use pink, white and brown in a stack like neapolitan ice cream.

  7. Norm

    Ideally, a gray would have been my choice, barring that the black is a good choice. I don’t think that red and blue match the logo well. And the white? When you can have a feature as distinctive and unique as the Moo Luxe stripe, you use it and make it POP!

    For mine, I’m in love with blue. My favorite color. And I’d probably create a simple calling card, with just my name/url. Something that I’d use to seriously “wow” people I want to impress.

  8. Mihaela Hinayon

    If I could design multiple cards, I would do a series of ‘postcards’ with a photograph from one of my travels on one side and a short note about the place on the other.

    I’m an amateur photographer who loves to travel and this is a good way to remember my adventures. For black and white photos, I’d pick a red stripe and for colored, black or white would be great.

  9. aaron taylor

    The color strip inside the card is a great and wonderful way to stand out from the crowd with your business card or any design. I would pick one of each color since it would play wonderfully into our website colors and the name of our studio. BUT if I had to only pick one I would pick red since its the HUE that stands out the most and people notice right away.

  10. Savvy


    I would design them with the logo and web addy on one side and daily positive quotes on the other, they could be given out to friends and family for them to place somewhere they see them daily (Car, Bathroom Mirror, Fridge). Its giving someone a gift to give others. Something that will make them feel good and keep your brand in mind with a positive memory, next time they need paper, why wouldn’t they go with Mohawk! They know it makes them feel good 🙂

  11. Richard LaRue

    I have a self-promotional piece I’ve been working on that is the shape of a business card, so I’d print those out with red middle because that would pop nicely with an black front and back.

    Black makes the most sense for your cards with the varying colors printed on each.

    Love the new logo mark.


  12. Rocio

    I would have printed 3 colors (red, blue and black) in equal quantities! that’s what I love about MOO! every piece can be unique… and the recipient can choose their favorite color.
    It would make an awesome promo cards 🙂

  13. Naina

    Well ideally I’d like a shiny gold or silver colored strip on the side 😀 But since that’s not currently a viable choice, I’d pick the blue and the red. I like the combination of cards with both red and blue strips on the sides – these are two of my favorite colors and represent “calm & chaos” for me – and I love it that giving out such a card could also remind the receiver and the giver of the same. Important to seek a bit of calm in the sea of everyday chaos. That kind of thing 🙂

  14. Lindsay

    Well, if I could have any colour, I would pick a bright orange to go with my logo colours. Seeing how they currently don’t have the orange as an option, I would choose the blue as it would complement the orange nicely. 🙂

  15. Crystal Mumby

    I would design a business card for my side photography business. I think for the stripe I would choose red because having that pop of color would be so interesting and fun.

  16. Mark Rawlins

    A logical addition would be a nice grass green, I can see lots of different applications that would work with a tasty green.


    An illogical, but sweet-as-honey addition would be a gold metallic stripe.

  17. merielle

    I would design a card for my farmers market business venture, and I would choose blue for the stripe since it matches the beautiful blue sky we have all summer!

  18. Miko

    Moo cards are great for so many purposes. I’d use the Luxe cards for gift tags or place cards at events (fill in names by hand). Of the stripe colors available I’d choose black, but I wish there was a yellow or magenta stripe!

  19. Lawrence

    Well,.. thinking outside the box here… given that we have a ‘unique’ paper to communicate printing… I’d present a subtle perspective and opt to have each side of the card to represent (c,y,m&k)..or if constrained to (blue, red, black & white)…. possibly attempt something like this (http://img.ctrlv.in/4f8e16fd178d2.jpg)… I know that this would be a challenge!

    — alas if you had to pick only one ‘stripe’ then the chosen ‘black’ compliments the vibrant rebrand!

    … ou, ou… given the opportunity I’d use the ‘black stripe’ to design ‘appointment cards’ for a’ consultant in the health profession’.. who is just starting out.

  20. Jessica

    I have been needing new business cards for so long; it would be so wonderful to win some! I think I would choose the card stock with the blue stripe. Evocative of cmyk… appropriate because I am a print designer through and through!

  21. Sarah

    I’d use a different color for each of the niches of my photography business. Marigold for wedding. Gray for pets. Each would have a photo representing that particular niche on the back.

  22. Ophelia

    I like bright, bold colors, so I would pick the red stripe, and blue would be a close second.

    Technically I would need business cards, but my contact info would be variable so I can use it for more than networking, such as making new friends (instead of using MOO’s Facebook cards, for example). Consistent and practical!

  23. Kate

    Oh, I’m super excited about these cards. What a brilliant idea! I’m a huge fan of anything printed. I love picking out the stock for my projects…..feeling the thickness and the texture. And now to add this bonus color to the middle of the card. It’s all so wonderful.

    For my solar business, I’d pick blue or I’d try to talk Moo & Mohawk into adding orange to the mix.

  24. Janet

    For me it’s a toss up between the blue and red. How about some of each? Mohawk’s look great with the black. I love moo.com cards and am inspired to create some new cards for myself!

  25. Kathleen

    I can see the beauty of these cards operating as mini greeting cards, love notes so to speak.

    Though I am feeling the available blue right now, the design I see for print would require the available red.

  26. Cara Dailey

    I’d use the blue striped cards to showcase illustrations, and can see using the black striped cards for a variety of projects. I hope that more colors are added in the future (like green, gray, and orange).

  27. Melissa Wehrman

    As most designers, when given the options of red, blue, white and black… I’d chose black. The red is pretty sassy too but the black would go better with my current identity system. Love love love Mohawk, Moo, and Michael Beirut (there’s a poem in the making there, right?).

  28. mike morwick

    with the colors available… black. I have a thing right now for muted teal and deep orange, not together, so if the spectrum was widened a bit that could be interesting… but you can never go wrong with a classic like black.

  29. Erum

    Florescent green and gray would be my choice for the middle line. I have to order business cards with Moo soon and I would love to add this to the cards, and associate myself with the only company that offers this unique design experience.

  30. Rita

    Black works well for Mohawk since it matches any color.

    I would personally choose blue for my own business cards since my colors are blue, white, and gray.

  31. lincoln

    ha — i was just about to order some more hybrid cards for my art + design practice. now i’ll have to wait and see if my luck holds for this contest. if i went with mooluxe, i’d probably choose the black interior stripe.

  32. Valerie

    I looove the new logo and this new unique card!! I would love to have each color to show variety but if I had to choose one it would probably be red since that color would stand out most on a desk full of other paperwork! Thanks Mohawk!!

  33. Ed Adams

    Given that my new identity is mostly black & white to help the logo play well with a variety of work in my portfolio, I think the black core would be a stellar choice.

    However, the more I think about it, doing something with a flood black ink on one side, with a red core, and maybe even a center die-cut to reveal more of the core color in another area of the card would be unbelievably unique. I’m not sure what the capabilities of die-cutting a 32pt card are, but in my mind, the final result would look awesome and could possibly even have a functional aspect, since the card is so sturdy. My new logo (not on my site) is built with block-printing and stenciling in mind, so the card could even act as a take-along stencil for graffiti/guerilla art in some cases.

    But I digress…my mind has a way of brainstorming into an uncontrollable stream of consciousness.

  34. Debbie

    Feeling like Mohawk wants to express themselves as an energetic company I would choose an energetic color combo…..like blue yellow and pink. Love the look of the Moo cards and especially the Luxe ones!