DesignCast: How to Estimate, Price & Schedule a Web Project

Part of the Print to Web Project Management DesignCast series!

Date: July 27, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

If you’re transitioning from print design into web projects, or you’re a veteran web designer looking to get control over your workload, this DesignCast series is for you!

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Web projects are not the same type of beast as a print job. How do you know how long it will take? How much should you charge? What are the deadlines to know? Take a virtual test drive of the tools that will make your job easier. Presenter Daniel Schutzsmith dives deeper into project management for web projects, taking off from his previous Project Management Basics session. (If you missed that, catch it now.)

In this DesignCast, you’ll learn:

  • how project management is part of the new business model
  • which software is necessary and which you can do without
  • what tools are the most efficient for scheduling
  • how to estimate a schedule for a proposal
  • what web apps can help with estimating and scheduling

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