DesignCast: Sustainable Design in Packaging

Master Class: Anne Johnson—Leveraging Sustainable Design in the Packaging Life Cycle

Date: July 28, 2010
Time: 4:00 p.m. ET
Duration: 1 hour

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Today, there is no such thing as the perfect sustainable package. A consumer product involves many materials, systems, and behaviors that are beyond a designer’s control. So where exactly can designers have an impact?

In this presentation, Anne Johnson, director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition at GreenBlue, will place the designer in the center of a package’s life cycle and pinpoint the areas where we have influence. We’ll also provide case studies that illustrate how to use renewable materials and how we can communicate the ethics of stewardship.

You’ll also learn:

•  A usable, workable definition of sustainability
•  The difference between renewable and sustainable materials
•  The importance of recovery
•  How to create a culture of awareness by sending signals to consumers about the importance of sustainability
•  Where the tradeoffs for sustainability are likely to occur in the design process

BONUS: When you register for this DesignCast, you will also receive two FREE PDFs! Preview an article from the August issue of Print called “Project Renewal,” which includes an interview with Anne Johnson, as well as educational material provided by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and GreenBlue to complement the DesignCast experience even further.

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