Design(ed) For (A) Good (Cause)

Get your grubby hands clean and feel good about yourself with these 2 new designs from method. As a brand that knows how to make hygiene fun, these new, vibrant hand soap designs are also socially-conscious. The “DESIGNED FOR GOOD” hand soaps are both raising money for the ASPCA and drawing attention to the fair treatment of animals.

"botanical garden"

“botanical garden”

For the month of June, method and have pledged to donate up to 15% of the revenue from this product line to the ASPCA.


As a brand that has  long-supported these causes by never testing on animals and their products are safe to use around animals, too. This is a brilliant way to point out their brand’s ideals and beliefs while also giving back. With some fun copy, they explain that their products (and these soaps) are ” naturally derived, biodegradable formulas are 100% vegan + cruelty-free.” product:

we believe that guinea pigs should never be used as guinea pigs. that’s why we never test any of our products or ingredients on animals, never use animal by-products, and make products that are safe for cleaning up after your pets. our newest DESIGNED FOR GOOD hand wash duo helps raise awareness for the fair treatment of animals.

With colorful designs and clever copy, method has me making up excuses to get my hands dirty, just so I can use these to make them clean.



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