Designed To Delight

I love when designers get together to create work for no other reason that to inspire other people. That’s exactly what the Brooklyn collaborative Citizens for Optimism is all about. You can buy their awesome hand-lettered posters from their Etsy store and visit their site for upcoming gallery shows.

Citizens for Optimism is a collaboration among 17 up and coming designers who strive to use their unique styles to inspire happiness through design. On our mission to promote optimism we asked New Yorkers what words or feelings  they associated with optimism. We narrowed down a long list to seventeen words and gave each designer one word along with a simple brief, design a type dominant poster that promoted optimism. The outcome, nothing less than amazing work.

Also, be sure to check out Live Now from HOW Books, a collection of positive typographic messages from designers and illustrators bound into a gift-size book with perforated pages so they can be shared with friends and family who need a little cheering up.