Designed To Make A Difference

This is an interesting project created by NYC creative agency Johannes Leonardo to support Born HIV Free, the Global Fund’s fight against AIDS transmission from mothers to children.

Today the Born HIV Free campaign takes to the streets of New York for an initiative aimed at signposting world leaders in the direction of decisive backing for the Global Fund and its work.

In support of the Born HIV Free campaign and the Global Fund, Google/YouTube is launching a guerilla and online marketing initiative from New York creative agency Johannes Leonardo that will position 20 teams of campaign envoys at strategic Manhattan intersections, holding signs with compelling HIV facts and urging that we free future generations from HIV by 2015.  Designed to look like a mock road sign, each of the 20 different signs contain a key statistic linked to each unique location.

In addition, Born HIV Free will take over today to promote its MyMaps page, sparking visitors’ interest by using the grid to display surprising facts about mother to child HIV transmission that correspond to select street corners throughout the NYC area.

The initiative is timed to coincide with this week’s UN General Assembly gathering and the Millennium Development Goals summit in New York. With the fight against AIDS and HIV at a crossroads, the Born HIV Free Crossroads initiative engages world leaders as they crisscross the city between hotel, summit and meetings.  The signs are designed to draw attention to how close the world is to a major international health breakthrough, with the virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

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