Designer Baby Names

During a HOW Books team meeting recently, we started discussing how high each of our names ranked in Google searches. If you search for “Megan Lane Patrick” the entire first page of Google is all about me. I wondered aloud whether I should create business card with just my name on them since I’m so easy to find. Editor Michael Scott Francis, who goes by Scott, said his name led to people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Francis Scott Key. But designer Ronson Slagle figures he’ll always rank high on Google.

So, that go us thinking about optimizing baby names for search engines and wondering whether savvy web designers and copywriters might already be doing just that. It would be pretty easy to come up with a list of wacky SEO baby names, but I’m more interested in classy, design-inspired names like Rockwell or Frutiger.

What’s your favorite designer baby name? Have you already bestowed it on a your own child or are you saving it for the future. Share your ideas here and we’ll turn them into a handy designer baby name chart!

designer baby names

6 thoughts on “Designer Baby Names

  1. Janae

    Growing up, I had a “unique” name among my classmates who were all named Sarah and Jeremy and Amanda and Michael. I envied their pencils with their names engraved on them. Of course, the year was 1988 and we had not yet entered the age when you could just go online and order something with your name on it. No longer do I waste hours at gas station flipping through the key chains in search for the elusive “Janae.” It’s a better time.

    I, too, am easy to find on Google, and I actually like having a unique name. Then again, we live in a time when people are naming their kids Pilot Inspektor, and I’ve come across a few Janae’s in my time. Maybe it’s not so unique.

  2. Camille

    Janae, I was the same way. The only person with my name growing up. I searched for my name on things but was very happy with my name because I didn’t have to go by my first name and last initial as my unique identifier. Thanks to Google, I’ve discovered there is someone else with my full name both before and after my marriage/divorce. So I guess I’m not so unique after all.

  3. Cami Travis-Groves

    Socially incompetent growing up, I hated my name and its many morphs that only cruel children can create. But now, being a designer and with the invention of iMacs (which is my name backwards), I love my name! I went to high school with Kammy, Cammie, and Cammi, but their names were all short for something longer. Mine is just Cami.

    And Megan, I just googled myself (don’t know why I hadn’t done it before now, duh). “The entire first page is all about me” too!

  4. Lidia Varesco Design

    Ditto. The only Lidia in my school…or town for that matter. Not to mention, people would mistakenly call me Linda. Grr. However now I love my name. And I do believe I’m the only one on Google…unless I start searching Italian websites!

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