Designer Holiday Cards From Moo

MOO, the printers of fabulous business cards for creatives, worked with some of our favorite designers to create holiday cards that you can personalize for family, friend or client greetings this year. Rebeka Fluet, Moo marketing manager, explains why they selected each designer for this new card series:

Christopher Simmons, MINE

“We were really excited to see how Christopher, known for identities, books, packaging and interactive collateral would re-interpret the simple, holiday card. He did it with beauty, grace, and show-stopping color. Personally, I want send a whole set of his Haiku cards to everyone on my list, absolutely drool-worthy.” (order  his cards)

Moo holiday cards - Christopher Simmons

Mick Hodgson, Ph.D

“Mick has such style, wit, and a refined sensibility; and he brought that aesthetic to this card project. He created two sets. The polka dot cards — those could be used all year, but right now, we’re thinking Snow!  And from his other pack, Mick’s true persona shines.  A little known fact: “We had a card from them at Christmas” is actually the Hodgson’s own, annual holiday greeting.” (order his cards)

Moo holiday cards - Mick Hodgson

Debbie Millman, Sterling Brands

“When we reached out to Debbie, we were hoping to see her inner artist come through. She didn’t disappoint. When you see her “Happy” cards up close, you feel like she she sat down and drew something just for you. That’s how a card is supposed to make you feel.” (order her cards)

Moo holiday cards - Debbie Millman

Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez Palacio, UnderConsideration

“How could we not reach out to two of the country’s most respected designers—and paper/print lovers to boot? What we love about UnderConsideration’s holiday cards is the amount of detail that they designed into each kaleidoscope of color. From snow globes to airplanes to wine glasses, they’ve taken universal symbols of things that make the holidays happy and transformed them into magical work of art.” (order their cards)

Moo holiday cards - UnderConsideration



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