Designer Kate Thomas Launches New Surface Design Business

Designer Kate Thomas, who was named one our young designers to watch in the February 2012 issue of HOW, is making her debut at Surtex this year to launch her surface design business. In order to prepare, she launched a new website, designed a new promo piece and created a gorgeous new business card with the help of her roommate, a letterpress printer. You can read all about how she created this amazing designer business cards on her blog.

In case you didn’t know, I’m going to Surtex! Here is my new website just for surface design. I have spent the past four months preparing for this show. And I really wanted to do something special for business cards. My Little Things Studio cards are fine, but nothing is super special about the size, paper, etc. And I really am trying to stand out at Surtex. My roommate (the incredibly talented Kristen Ley) graciously told me she would letterpress me some business cards!!! I thought it would be YEARS before I would be able to have this. I can’t believe she gave me such a special gift – her talent and time.

surface design

business card design

business card design

2 thoughts on “Designer Kate Thomas Launches New Surface Design Business

  1. Leslie Mark

    Congratulations Kate! Your designs are so vibrant and happy. I will be at Surtex as well, attending the conference, not the show floor. I hope our paths cross and best of luck to you.