Designer Money

Designer Michael Tysznik offers an elegant speculative redesign of U.S. currency.

American banknotes are in dire need of a redesign.
Even though the green color of money is deeply interwoven into the
nation’s culture, the need for color differentiation between
denominations has forced the inclusion of color. The recent redesign of
banknotes by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is poorly executed and aesthetically lacking.
Because the coloring of the current notes is so subtle, it is still
hard to differentiate between denominations by that method alone.
My proposed redesign keeps the culturally important green color of money, but introduces a brightly colored holographic strip into each denomination, making them easy to tell apart. This strip includes embossed dots for the sight-impaired as well, making currency far more accessible.

via Kitsune Noir

Posted by Megan

0 thoughts on “Designer Money

  1. id29

    If you print those bills above out, trim them and fan them out like a poker hand with the right side of the bills in the above image showing at the top of the fan, you will not be able to easily tell the amount of currency you are holding. The functionality of these designs is not resolved- and that is critical.

  2. Anisa

    I saw these posted on another design site last week and so have had a bit of time to ponder how I feel about them. They look like a nicely designed brochure, not a useful form of currency. Mac OS style swirls in the background … unfortunate color swatches down the left … the back side (not pictured here) has a text heavy block of information that detracts even further from what we are accustomed to with money.

    I would appreciate hearing what others think are successful elements. Please try to change my mind.