Designer Wish List: A Hip-Hop Holiday

This list has style, personality and some serious bling. Kristin Moses, co-founder of Texas-based Deuce Creative, says it best: “I have a major obsession with hip-hop and with organization,” which leads us into her gold-dipped Designer Wish List:

by Kristin Moses,

1. Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster
If you give me enough time, I’ll organize something to death! This is right up my alley for many reasons: color, music, design, and organization.

2. Christian Louboutin Jem Velour Pump (Ultra Violet)
There are no words to describe this shoe. I have been stalking this shoe online for months. Shoe design is one of the most brilliant outlets for design and creativity in my opinion. I’m a big fan of shoe art.

3. Chrome Bones Boa Fringe Dog Collar
I love my pooches, and ideally they should be as decked-out as their mom (me). But it’s hard to find dog collars with bling for 140-lb mastiffs. Why do tiny dogs get to have all the fun?

4. 24-Carat Gold MacBook Pro
My MacBook Pro may be the love of my life, well maybe only second to my mastiffs, but a gal can’t help but dream of one dipped in gold and garnished with diamonds. Put gold on anything and I’m in love.

5. Chanel Tattoos: Les Trompe-L’oeil de Chanel
Since the age of 18, I have always adored tattoo art, and Chanel finally took that mainstream and made it classy. I love the simplicity of the designs to where they become a combination of jewelry and body art.

6. Johnathan Adler Templeton Chair
How obnoxious is this chair? It’s amazing, and it matches the Zodiac pillow (see No. 8 below). I love bright colors with white. It’s very clean, but still over the top.

7. Marcia Moran Double Stackable Ring
Designers love designers, and this  designer loves jewelry! Marcia Moran is one of my favorite jewelry designers. I find her use of color and materials very appealing.

8. Jonathan Adler Taurus Zodiac Pillow
I have a designer crush on Jonathan Adler. I actually was stalking him just last week and went to his book signing. I think I teared up when I finally got to the front of the line. He has a quirky sense of style, and a eye for bold color and progressive design, which I can admire.

9. Bond No. 9 Bleeker Street
Have you smelled this stuff? I mean, come on—it’s brilliant.

10. Gold Logo Necklace by Dutch Designer Frank Tjepkema
I’m a graphic designer. A gold logo jewelry—what’s not to love?

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