Designer Wish List by Clint! Runge

One word sums up my favorite part of  Clint! Runge’s wish list: bacon (see No. 9). And an alarm clock equipped with a secret bacon-cooking compartment—sheer genius. I genuinely hope Clint! has handerpants (No. 3) and a giant pet clog (No. 1) in his near future. After all, he did put up with all of our quirkiness while judging the International Design Awards (results coming in the March 2011 issue).

by Clint! Runge, Archrival creative director (@ClintRunge; @Archrival)

1. Clog Pet Bed
My two cats will surely be fighting for who wears the shoe around here.

2. Ghost Lamps
I already think they exist, at least now I can see them!

3. Handerpants
It’s cold in Nebraska, and every designer needs to take care of their hands.

4. Private Ninja Lessons
I guess now everyone knows my deep dark secret, but this would make Christmas amazing.

5. Like Stamp
As a creative director, this would make things go a lot faster around the studio.

6. Magic Playing Cards
My hobby is performing magic and these cards just make every trick look even cooler.

7. Horror Show Soap
I don’t know why people think baths should always be relaxing. I love old horror movie artwork, so these have a nice touch.

8. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Sleepovers will be even more fun! Just come over. I mean it.

9. Wake ‘n Bacon
Nothing would make me happier. Nothing. I mean it. Nothing.

Last but not least (not pictured above):

10. Slow Loris

Oh come on, you’ve seen this video and you want one too! Please Santa… pleeeeeeeze.

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0 thoughts on “Designer Wish List by Clint! Runge

  1. Kelly

    Bravo, Clint! (! – do I have to double the !???) You need to hire a product development firm to work on that Wake ‘n Bacon clock. Brilliant!

    Kelly (from Sergeant’s)